Replica watches “Your” people with your bell, “expensive” with elegant bell

Watches and clocks goes “the rich play table, your Tibetan bell.” Play table, mostly for young people, a small piece of the watch, set off a play table’s taste and temperament; possession bell who also honored, venerated, are showing their words and deeds and noble qualities. An expensive clock, reflecting the Tibetan bell’s identity and status.

As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, “your” people are naturally equipped with “expensive” bell. What is “your” bell? Clock “expensive”, is produced through the history of precipitation is invaluable; that alone can make a hands hundreds of parts become instruments measure of time; that superb manufacturing technology, beautiful design and endless variations shape.

Kenning home this full brass mantel clock that is more “expensive” to the extreme.

Kenning all-gold plated brass mantel clock, model: 1709-06-01


The golden mantel clock but has a remarkable “life experience” of! In 1999, Kenning family received a special mission for the British Queen Mother was alive (mother of Elizabeth II) production celebrating her birthday gift of 100-year-old grandmother who witnessed the entire 20th century, the British royal family The oldest Queen Mother (1900-2002), loved by the British people. Kenning home after receiving this daunting task, fake watch dispatched a number of top master clock maker, which lasted a year, was finally finished in 2000, in time to the Queen Mother presented the precious gift of a hundred.
              Elizabeth the Queen Mother (left) and Queen Elizabeth (right) II

The home made Kenning elaborate mantel clock from the appearance of movement design everywhere reveals aristocratic temperament. All-brass bell body and then with 24K gold-plated noble royal temperament filling; clock dial gold-plated hollow carved hollow not only demonstrates the beauty of art, but also enjoy home Kenning 9 sound of the bell behind the movement between the looming; the clock face calendar is a multifunctional silver-plated clock face, which can display the month, day, week, second hand and the moon phase; bell-shaped top surface is formed by 5 curved bevel glass, Arab-style doors and windows glass door, this design even more so from the Middle East this table clock more than a hint of exotic, inadvertently reminiscent of that boundless desert, fantasy mirage, long caravans, as well as Camel with crisp tones.
It can display the clock face, month, day, week, second hand and phases of the moon
Of course, it is particularly worth mentioning is that this unique bell sound bell movement 9, the mechanical clock, there is a saying within the line: defined by the bell honorable. 9 Music Kenning sound the bell sent home, crisp, sweet, beautiful, like a live orchestra playing. The Kenning by the company to launch in September 1977 bell sound movement, until today, still greatly clock enthusiasts fascinated. Through the transparent glass door, but also fully enjoy the sound operation of the bell 9 movement is definitely a visual double enjoyment with the hearing.

Maxima often, the horses do not often. “Expensive” Bell is not often, elegant and more difficult to find. What is noble? Elegant as the British Queen Mother heart of the world’s people, during World War II, the face of the German bombing of Buckingham Palace, still for people who are still believed Hitler Queen of England is “Europe’s most horrible woman.” ; elegant as generation of enlightened ruler Qianlong, the Western mechanical clock mesmerizing, let this exotic Chinese people into people’s homes and flourish; elegant taste of life is to understand, not others, and has a strong spiritual force rich person; elegant is “Zhongming Ding eat at home, calligraphy poetry and literature of the family” by Cao. So can only “expensive” bell with elegant, elegant with “expensive” bell.

In the collection of heat swept the city today,Replica Watches the clock humanistic value and historical value of the production process is increasingly favored by collectors, which with machinery production, assembly line production of electronic products entirely in two levels, which perhaps is why the clock can be used the reason the attack time of the alternatives is still the perfect counter-attack mobile phones, computers and other watch. And this created exclusively for the British royal family by the Kenning clock is already enough “expensive”, but you will be the possession clock elegant yet?