Omega Replica Omega mainstream movement Quick Start List

is no doubt that Replica Omega is to have the most fans in the world watch brand one, and Rolex , IWC together can be classified as luxury watches troika, they are a watershed, and then further on is ranked the top brand of the watchmaking industry, they have a high reputation in their respective groups, but also has a very good sales year. Omega is now, a strong scientific and technological innovation a watchmaking company, new products introduced each year is very large, over the years, Omega is rising technological content of products, including the use of new materials, high-magnetic technology, as well as more stringent the certification system and so on.

Of course, Omega has been no new direction to go, a long history, Omega precious legacy, which continues to pay tribute to the history of the Omega, the introduction of a lot of classic design watch, which is a combination of luxury and tradition, people seem to instantly back to the golden age of the watch industry last century. On the product itself, the appearance of the Omega range of styles, so that everyone can find their favorite watches, and back to the early heart watchmaking, the movement is its historical status achievements, won the large number of winning key factor .

Movement is the core competitiveness of watchmaking, but also the most technical barriers territory, to some extent, a company’s technical mastery of the movement, decided that it will meet the industry level. Why Omega can be more advanced than most other VW brands, not because how can Omega marketing, and more will advertise, but it indeed offers the same price segment, competitive products, which is very important that is its movement technical level, many brands can not match. So what are the current Omega movement, they turn to the brand, what does it mean?

For external movements (entry-level)

Although Omega constantly expand their higher level of autonomy movement, but for the introductory paragraph, their prices are too high for some, but for movement outside of Omega has been revised, in the case of not too expensive price next, you can buy good quality watch, watch so many friends really benefit.

2500 (three-pin movement)

We all know that the original Omega coaxial movement, from the beginning of 2500, it has many versions, due to the initial version, compatibility is not an issue that causes frequent, and soon afterwards the Omega has been modified, and ultimately solve the problem , the current version of the movement with the movement in 2500, has been completely normal use. Omega 2500 2892-A2 in movement on a modified version of ETA, the major changes that have modified the structure of the upper chain portion, no card put into rotation, into the interior of the coaxial escapement escapement, of course, on the frequency of vibration also adjusted to 25200VPH. The three-pin movement is mainly used for 35 mm Constellation, elegant Ville in male form , elegant female form , Splendor elegant and classic Dewdrop section and so on. 2500 equipped with steel Omega wristwatch movement, the basic price of 27,000 public up and down, but in some channels, discounts, its actual price, will be good, it should be said, at this price, you can buy big watch more limited ( Tudor and Breitling grown movement of more than 20,000 can buy), and the Omega coaxial movement and the two bright spots, says the reason, Omega still very dominant.

Using the 2627 Ville movement

Then in 2500, based on the Replica watch Omega also extends the other Caliber, 2627 movement, is one of a, applies to Ville in elegant watches, which is characterized by 9:00 bit small seconds, 6:00 power reserve display position, based on a 2500 coaxial movement.

Based on coaxial movement addition 2895-2 from 2202, which is similar to 2500 and, in the ETA movement modified and added from the coaxial escapement, is a three-pin watch, applied Ville Classic series, but has been basically off the shelf, there are only a handful of new table will use this movement.

3330/3313/3304/3603 (chronograph movement)

In addition to the regular watch, time is one of great importance to every brand of complex functions, in addition to its own Omega chronograph movement, there are now also widely used outside for entry-level revision chronograph movement. One of the most common, is the 3330 chronograph movement, which is a three-style self-winding chronograph movement from ETA A08.L01, this movement also Longines in a lot of use, but the difference is that the Omega, it is a coaxial escapement automatic chronograph movement, it is not entirely ETA movement. 3330 Movement in engraved MARK Ⅱ Speedmaster Chronograph, Chronograph Racing super, super Pa Ms. chronograph and the Rio 2016 Olympic chronograph in a special section.

Omega 3313 movement

Although he is at the beginning of 3313 and 3603 3, and 3330 but with not a movement, they FP 1285 is the originator of the movement, which is the section century famous chronograph movement, Omega has been modified after use in their own many timing table 3313 which is added after the column-wheel chronograph version coaxial escapement. And 3603, it is GMT + coaxial escapement chronograph version has 24-hour indication, complicated compared to 3313, in the past mainly used in older Speedmaster, De Ville and hippocampus AT, but as with these GMT after the watch timer function and replaces the self-produced movement, 3603 has been used very less.

ETA 3304 is based on the automatic timing chain version 7753 of coaxial, super 38 mm chronograph women, there is employed.

1861 (classic manual winding chronograph movement)

1861 is the lower right movement the rest of 1861 seniors

Compared to the previous paragraphs, Omega true classic chronograph movement, non-none other than 1861, its predecessor is 861, based on Leman ia from 1873, the first time mounted on the Omega Speedmaster watch on the moon, so it is Omega Speedmaster representative of the movement of the moon table, it is the classic manual-winding chronograph movement, widely used in the Omega Speedmaster being, especially lunar tables, table to commemorate the moon landing and the car table, table space, the hippocampus engraved chronograph and so on. Because of its historical heritage and classic design, often applied in a number of retro, engraved, watches with memorable, and as many limited edition, is also well worth a buy Omega timing category.

Production pattern

Although Omega of the last century it has purchased the coaxial escapement technology, but after a lengthy trial, the third-generation carries the Omega coaxial escapement, we launched a new self-Axial caliber 8500 and 8501 in 2007. This means that Omega really have the strength to compete with several other competing brands, we all know the history of the Omega was very brilliant, after 2007, Omega with coaxial technology, re-ushered in a glorious period.

8500 (old version of the three-pin base movement)

8500 is the starting point of all of this, it is equipped with coaxial escapement technology, completely redesigned version of the road to completely match all the details of this technology, and whether Omega polished movement, or configuration, start from this movement, rising, the real show strong brand vitality of technological innovation. Omega introduced this year is the tenth year of 8500 coaxial movement, the 8500 also have alternative versions of higher technological content, but it is undeniable, 8500 Omega has an indelible contribution.

Now the 8500 movement, has basically been relegated to second-line, originally used in the De Ville Hour Vision, now mainly used in 38 mm constellation, of course, a few years ago when it was the Omega watch three-pin main machine core, hippocampus, Ville, hippocampus AT, constellations are with this movement. If you can see now equipped with 8500 or Ville movement of the hippocampus, especially Aqua Terra, it is basically the old section.

8508 equipped with movement Omega “Hornet”

So with the same structure on the basis of 8500, Omega certainly extends out a lot of versions, including non-calendar of 8400; applied to Ms. watch , especially Ladymatic, constellation female models, female models in the hippocampus AT 8520/8521; manual winding 8511,8511 version is mainly used in the Ville Code series, are precious metal case, is very classical taste of Omega watches, coupled with manual winding, gentleman texture to make it even more clearly extremely Omega High series. Of course, the most important thing is 8508, jointly developed by ETA, the Omega team, ASULAB, Nivarox Far, resistant to 15,000 gauss magnetic field, was the most powerful anti-magnetic ability to watch , shocked the world, today, 15,000 Gauss, has become Omega It has METAS certification standard.

8601 equipped with movement Calendar

So as 8500 foundation of the movement, of course, its version –8601 complex functions, this is a loaded coaxial movement calendar function, the application of the same movement 8500 version of the road, and has a silicon balance spring. This movement is widely used in Ville Hour Vision and hippocampus Aqua Terra, which is characterized by very obvious that in the three o’clock position, in addition to the date and month. GMT is often equipped with Omega function, especially in the hippocampus series, this feature is very common, the old version of the hippocampus GMT watch , equipped with a 8605 movement is based on 8500, it is worth noting that although the 8605 and 8601 only there is a difference between the sum of the numbers, but there is no inheritance relationship before and after, but two wholly different movement.

8800 (interim version can be regarded as the basis of three-pin movement)

We know that in the past decade, the use of silicon material, more and more frequently in watches, Omega is not the first silicon material used in the movement of the brand, but the most likely is the use of the brand, because it now a full range of self-produced movement, almost all applications of silicon springs. Then 8800, 8500 can be considered as a transition to the middle of 8900 the latest generation of the movement of product transition. 8800 relative to the 8500 spring reduced to a box number, and equipped with a silicon balance spring, anti-magnetic capacity of 15,000 Gauss, tested according to METAS standard, but this new version of time is not too long.

8900 (the latest version of the three-pin base movement)

8900 was launched in 2015, for the first time mounted on a statue in Pa series, after the establishment of the Omega METAS standard, the introduction of a new generation of three-pin basic movement, which is characterized Needless to say I think, has to attain coaxial Observatory certification, anti-magnetic ability class, using the latest technological achievements, coaxial escapement, silicon springs, is an alternative movement 8500 movement. It is 8800 and what difference will it make? Their difference is already clear, the road version have differences, a power increase of five hours, because of the use of the double barrel, gemstones increase in the number of 4, it can be understood as 8508 mature product, the production version, 8508 is the year of testing conceptual movement.

Increase over the 8900 calendar function, that is, 8922 movement, to replace 8601 movement. Plus GMT function, that is, 8906 movement, as an alternative to 8605. Today, old and new movement has basically completed the replacement.

9300 (old version of the self-produced chronograph movement)

9300 chronograph movement

Omega 8500 has, of course, need to have their own self-produced chronograph movement, after all, a direct competitor of Rolex and IWC, has its own self-produced chronograph movement, the Omega 9300 is to consolidate its position in the forefront of the luxury brand of high-quality products . 9300 has a unitary movement of the timing system, rather than simply adding timing module 8500, and non-production of a clear distinction chronograph, 3 o’clock position of the dial 60 minutes and 12 hours cumulative timer. This 12-bit timer nations placed a total of just forming differences and analogies.

9900 (new version of the self-produced chronograph movement)

With the addition of METAS certification system, and updating technology research and development, follow the upgrade Omega 8900, also launched the latest version of the self-produced chronograph movement –9900, to replace the 9300 movement.

Omega 9900 chronograph movement

Precious metal version of the Omega will generally balance cock with gold and gold Tuo to distinguish the steel section

These are some of the mainstream movement in the current Omega type used, of course, Omega has movement far more than that, but basically these movements based, or be extended on the basis of the development version. And precious metals such as steel Omega Omega, in order to reflect different sense of luxury, automatic Tuo precious metals funds and balance cock, will use the K gold, even patented Omega Sedna gold, then the numbers will be different, For example, 8901 is the 8900 version of the precious metal. According to these laws of movement, we can basically only the appearance of each table, or movement, to determine that it is new or old models, the value of geometry.

Replica Omega Respect comes Pa

in the hearts of the majority of table fans, “grooved bezel” is a very domineering decorative appearance, nor is a clock watch brand unique. Recalling the history of watches, the reason will appear on the grooved bezel, originally for the convenience of watchmaker or repair under the tutelage watch the front of the early waterproof case open. With advances in watch technology, grooved gradually evolved into watch decoration, Replica Watches and even some of the most famous brand featured appearance.

So, when dubbed “Respect Pa (Globemaster)” The Omega during the launch of the latest watches, parrot without understanding them and wickedly who have broken from the mouth read out a “like” word, they know, in the end who like who did not find out yet.


1952 Omega Constellation watch turned out, today it is one of the world’s most famous watch series. Constellation watch is the first generation of collectors groups in the nickname: “The song ears, face gossip, flies words,” I simply come to explain the jargon: “Qu ear” – bending lugs, “gossip face” – – officially known as “pie pan” upside down pan-shaped dial, “flies the word” – a paper airplane-shaped hour markers. Then add: the first generation of Constellation watch collection but top grade. Sixteen years after the birth of Constellation, 1968 Chronology ring decorated with a grooved Omega Constellation watches appear, constellation large family product line has become increasingly diverse. Not difficult to see the latest statue Pa 2016 Omega watch exterior is a combination of 1952 and 1968 Constellation watch the culmination of two generations. Pa statue tradition vintage look, the “heart” represents the forefront of watchmaking technology today – to attain Observatory movement .

Omega Constellation watch owners know that their own watch back engraved with eight stars. Eight stars represent the Omega movement, the most important of the eight on the 1940s and 1950s created the accuracy of records, Pa statue watches the back there are eight stars, which in addition to representatives of the glorious past, but also a symbol of access “to attain chronometer certification” stringent testing standards that must pass eight – that METAS (Swiss Federal Institute of metrology) certification process. Because of space constraints, rules governing the METAS certification process will not start, we can easily be found.

Our life is filled with all kinds of magnetic field: mobile phones, televisions, speakers, computer, room, anesthesia machines, high-speed rail, aircraft Pa …… watch on respect for the environment these fields are not set eyes on it. Because it knows, there is no magnetic field which can take it how kind on Earth. Anti-magnetic capability of up to 15,000 gauss statue Pa, and back through the case, does not affect every move you a glimpse of movement. Pa statue of the case slim, smooth, has a calendar; unlike traditional anti-magnetic soft iron table set, not only do not see the movement, the abolition of the calendar (not as soft iron sleeve openings), also changed the case relatively thick. Especially the traditional anti-magnetic watch with respect Pa compared to not so magnetically shielded, there is a weakness, once inside a strong magnetic field environment true form immediately.

       No wonder the Swatch Group CEO– • Nick Hayek said: “The pioneer spirit means having the courage to pioneering and innovative, pioneering spirit is part of the historical heritage of the Omega, the timing of the Olympic Games as a pioneer, Omega decided the outcome of the game as. lunar exploration pioneer, to lead the Omega pace of human progress through to the launch of the new Zhen chronometer certification system, Replica Omega as well as respect for tyrants watch superior technology and craftsmanship, Omega is a breakthrough for the Swiss watchmaking industry has set a new accuracy standard! “