Tribute Mark XI IWC IWC Pilot Mark XVIII launched a new limited edition Replica watch

comes pilots watch , without mentioning the IWC , and vice versa. For more than a century, it has deep ties the two are closely linked. A long time ago, IWC IWC began as a pilot manufacturing wrist watch , 1948 brand released military Mark XI pilot watch, laid the foundation for today’s series pilot. The new Mark XVIII to watch Mark XI watch for inspiration, reflects the historical heritage has not been interrupted.


The full name of the new watch from IWC watch Mark XVIII pilot watch “Tribute Mark XI” (Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII Edition “Tribute to Mark XI”), in other words, although the watch with Mark XI for inspiration, but it is not a discount not withhold modern pilot watch Mark XVIII. In the case stainless steel to create, diameter of 40 mm, a thickness of 10.8 mm, equipped with Caliber 35111 type movement (based Sellita SW300-1), equipped with magnetic soft iron inner shell. Central seconds hand with stop means 3 o’clock position with date display window.

Close look reveals the difference between the target and when the hour hand at 12 o’clock morphology

This watch is special, that dial and hands improved, reminiscent of the appearance of the mid-20th century, the original Mark XI watch. Dial was matt black, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock scale ring corresponding to the position of a rectangular decorative fluorescent markers, fluorescent 12 o’clock additional decorative pattern equilateral triangle (sides without dot, and a dot IWC IWC table Modern a common feature of pilots watch). Look closely, you can find all the marks of the dial edge, to be more slender than the 2016 standards under Mark XVIII watch more discrete.

In addition, also be replaced with a conventional pointer retro style, comprising a rod-shaped flat regular hour. Dial and pointer fluorescent material showed a cream-colored, reminiscent of an aging tritium. The watch with a green nylon strap NATO, rather than metal bracelet or leather strap , comparatively speaking, the former is definitely more suitable for this tribute to the legendary military watch products.

The IWC pilot watch Mark XVIII “Tribute Mark XI” limited edition of 1,948 pieces, watch Mark XI to commemorate the birth of the year. The watch will be available July 1, three months ago sold exclusively by the London department store Harrods, the price of 3,790 pounds, equivalent to about $ 33,000. (Map / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

A senior watch lovers’ watch “feeling Interview replica iwc

Interviewee of this bell is always a well-known media helm. Young people, humorous, talented seven-step, Chukouchengzhang is the author of its consistent impression. Originally planned, love meter course, purchase channels table, the table next purchase plan and have loved watches feelings after the interview to issues such as a return to the mail, but the bell always wonderful prose feedback that I read in a long time that can not bear to make any changes to the draft interview, but the original word does not fall presented to you.

Total Bell responded:

The first to buy a watch, the first is the role of the customer, then the customer to participate in the event, wearing a sports watch US block rubber band, the customer said, you have to wear a watch block a good point of it, for your company.

Followed by the role of the media, to see some magazines, editor of the Editorial wrote: a man divorced, he took a TAG Heuer and a boss suit cleanse the family. At that time the new home of the boss of his own suit, and immediately on the TAG Heuer watch action on the mind, completely regardless of whether it is a Gao Ming editor of soft paper, regardless of their own to watch nothing.
Happened soon travel to Macau, I never gamble with strangers, so he began to stroll watch shop, where all you want to name names of TAG Heuer, the result no one knows, happened to have a store sells Omega , Speedmaster it shall also discount long-distance telephone call to Beijing, buddy said: that paragraph classic. Understand and buy.

Go home before we know, this table really good, the first piece of the moon or the table, of course, if Armstrong landing on the moon is really the case. The key was really like super look, rough and fine co-exist.

Since then, the watch began a little more attention, and then you know just honor out in line Omega watch, nations are the real deal. A friend just added a new Zenith , Bo Portofino send me a thin sheet of nations, it is very simple, belts, folding clasp are super does not have to go to work wearing very appropriate.

And then they start thinking about IWC Portuguese series and pilot series, just to have a friend to go to Hong Kong, let Bangdai a piece of classic aviator, Oriental Watch should buy, buy a little more, but also have more benefits. Remember that piece of the price list, cheaper than Beijing length.

Later, because I like tennis’s sake, for Rolex began inviting, and from then Rolex agents there, bought a deep discount Oyster Perpetual, steel strap, just to scrape together two steel strap, two leather strap.

In addition, always I liked seagulls, like a pocket watch, a friend last year took it to a seagull rose gold hollow pocket watch, now, buy a watch history come to an end, because these tables have been wearing, but come. These tables, I liked, Omega Speedmaster enough for a man, and is the first piece; Bo Portofino IWC’s full of simple formal beauty; the atmosphere enough pilots, the key moments can change planes Kai Kai (the movie “2012 “plot); Rolex vulgar or Taiga, Replica iwc design features, very delicate; As seagulls, after all, is made in China, but also the only gold watch, also hollow, but also pocket watch, who needs.

Friends say that you should put off the Omega, for the good block table. I also think that a few good low-end line of the table, but did not get a super-tier or complex chronograph watch, a little disappointed, but things have changed, too lazy to toss. Of course, it did not sell the idea of Omega, own things, if not wear, but also want it to lie on the bed’s cabinet.

As the table Where to buy good, we have a concrete analysis of specific cases. Some people say that Hong Kong is cheaper than in Europe, but I also had a watch shop in Paris, saw that the domestic selling 90,000 of the nations of Portugal on the 7th chain, where it sold only 50,000, and the stock, which should be cheaper than the Hong Kong and Hong Kong had set. However, for people who often buy the table, this thing is simple, as long as they are big customers (of course, is not just to buy their own, there is someone else to buy), then where we can talk about the next price to VIP. This year went to Taichung, friends said, because she is a VIP, so the table at a local shop to get the price, is she is more Europe, Hong Kong and other places, the cheapest. Unfortunately, I had concentrated rush to buy the table – this is like one of my character traits – has completely lost interest in buying the table.
Material things, to a certain extent, I am enough, I like I say: to learn the growing, day loss for the Road. Is engaged in learning to read, the busy construction of spiritual civilization, it is up to the more the better; on the road into the enlightened life, material things, material needs, getting the best impairments.

Now do not just watch, and enjoy all the material, I have been very light, have the opportunity, these watches can give people more in need, but now, I would enjoy wearing, wipe, listen, watch these watches, the It gives me pleasure. After all, the watch is rarely set precisely with the United States as a furnace of a good thing, you should enjoy. Confucius also said Yuli written for the people, he seeks to reach people, they like to know that others like it.

When it comes to wearing a watch, at present, the basic summer wearing a watch steel strip, cold weather wear a belt, do not consider the so-called expert opinion dress belts, casual strip. Read a magazine watches, editor of the country have unanimously said: wearing a watch depends on the occasion, formal occasions with belts and so on; and also the foreign editor of the consensus, but with the country on the contrary: not too concerned about those dogmatic, totally they like.

I think this is normal, we are still in the initial stage of economic development, culture is still to develop a primitive stage, a good school it is necessary to look at the West’s rules; and foreigners have already played this stage, I began to play a character, even geek are playing a chic, let alone watch.

Carved, I was wearing the classic aviator nations on the computer typing along, because that day her things, I found the Oriental Watch also sent more than a leather strap, anyway.