Because the dial to open a window, the price turned a few times!

we all know, Rolex has been one of almost no production of complex function watch, YACHT-MASTER “count down” even one of the best complex functions of the Rolex. We also know that this is not a Rolex technology can not, but the positioning is to do the Rolex rugged utility table. Rolex Replica uk So one might ask: moon phase is not so useful feature Rolex have it? Of course, there are Rolex moon phase tables, and very valuable, in the end how valuable we see below.


        Historically, the Rolex with a moon phase function concentrated there between 1949-1953 just a few years, only a handful of model configuration: they are Italian collector called “Padellone” in 8171 and once known as “COSMOGRAPH” of 6062, both of which are sun, moon, stars three calendar (day, month, week). Rolex moon phase tables are very rare, even at auction, but once the big popular these days, almost all higher than the maximum price estimate. The figure is a model for the Ref. 6062 Rolex month phase meter, 18K gold, when the stars mark Stelline features, produced in about 1952. Valuation of HK $ 2,400,000 – 4,800,000 , sold HK $ 5,120,000 .

We will look at the Rolex Ref. 6062. The figure is a Ref. 6062 moon phase tables, rose gold steel case and bracelet, with the same date, month, calendar Wednesday, goods with a quite perfect, produced in 1953. Valuation CHF250,000 – 450,000 , sold CHF1,001,000 .

The Ref. 6062 looks very similar to the above paragraph, in fact as well. But when the stars mark Stelline features it has a higher value, it is also produced in 1953, is recognized as the world’s best preserved Stelline rose gold Ref. 6062 Rolex. Valuation CHF500,000 – 1,000,000 , price CHF1,265,000 , 6062 Rolex created the highest transaction records.

This is a black dial Rolex Ref 6062,18K gold, three calendar valuation. CHF300,000 – 600,000 , sold CHF509,000 .

Also black dial Rolex Ref. 6062 gold watch, but the higher the value of this watch, because it’s Stelline dial (star time scale). But it seems to have more fun, moon phase and almost black dial integration. Valuation CHF500,000 – 1,000,000 , price CHF905,000 .

All of the above is the Rolex Ref. 6062, are all gold watch, we’ll look at the Rolex Ref. 8171, Ref. 8171 and Ref. 6062 different steel table seems to be some more. The figure is an annual output of about 1950 Rolex Ref. 8171, stainless steel, three calendar. Valuation of HK $ 2,800,000 – 5,600,000 , sold HK $ 7,880,000 .

And a Rolex Ref. 8171 steel sheet, produced in about 1950, three calendar, but not as good as on top of that a product phase. Valuation of HK $ 1,000,000 – 2,000,000 , sold HK $ of 1,240,000 .

And the above two different, this is a Rolex Ref. 8171 rose gold watch, three calendar, produced in 1951. Valuation CHF180,000 – 280,000 , sold CHF341,000 .

This is a stainless steel bracelet Ref. 8171,8171 at that time using a 38 mm diameter is surprising, Ref. 6062 is merely 36 mm. So to speak, Ref. 8171 antique table now completely worn out watch. While this watch Valuation CHF350,000 – 700,000 , sold CHF905,000 .

According to a senior source said, moon phase Replica Rolex Rolex watch at auction coming out of a maximum of no more than 12 (not only not true, but it does not much). In the 1950s it just appeared less than five years, but today has become the darling of collectors, not just the fortunate or unfortunate.

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