Replica Rolex crown the head of the more positive the more valuable?

Including, but not limited to, the Rolex watch Friends group which has a faith. That is, ” the pious people will get up a head Logo watch, the more devotion, Logo more positive ,” This is the most serious in the Rolex inside the circle.

“Crown positive” as long as the seller in the description which add that much easier to sell a little, and even a lot of money on the table plus friends.

So why the Rolex crown of the head towards the difference will be different?

In 1926, Rolex created the first waterproof and dustproof watch, so watch technology to move forward. Dubbed “Oyster” Oyster watch with a closed case, to provide the best protection for the movement. 1927 Mercedes Gleitze wearing a Rolex Oyster watch successfully crossed the English Channel. Rolex take a hit, you can say no no Oyster Rolex , back cover full national patent marking.

For the water table is concerned, the weakest place is the part of the table. Cover, table mirror once after a good factory assembled, disassembled consumers basically will not go, so long-term, effectively maintain the waterproof effect. But not necessarily part of the table, when we need to regulate the use of time by table, by hand on the table to replenish their energy chain. To pull out the table back and forth, rotating the crown, the crown is pressed, the slot is exposed, the moisture might get inside the internal case, irreparable damage to the dial, the movement, the pointer.

To waterproof, begin to install a “watertight casing” in the case.

Waterproof casing is isolated and requires a special tool to rotate it to the case.

After take off, complete waterproof casing on long like this. 2 is the threaded portion and the case of convergence, the threaded part 1 and the crown portion of the adapter. There is waterproof rubber texture middle circle is responsible for 1.2 waterproof.

The threads on the table (including crown above), a threaded pipe water, the case of the respective threads are produced in batches, so that when these three components assembled together, which is difficult to put on the table Crown is upward. 3 random factors exist here, Rolex produce 70-80 million watches a year, you can calculate how much trouble to pick out the three best matches in millions of parts inside?

Crown is working with the chance of errors is only a matter.

Rolex then have the ability to put his head on the table in the factory when they are made up of it?
This requirement is fully meet, but there are a lot of follow-up questions.

As mentioned earlier, currently used in the production process is Rolex the thread on the table (including crown above), water pipe thread, the thread of the case are each produced in batches, and the three parts are assembled together.

If the Rolex crown is not well in advance, but in the latter part of his head, waterproof casing, after assembly and then make up a good case, we can ensure that each factory’s watch crown are facing up.

But Rolex logo on the crown is not a simple laser engraving, printing is not flat, but metal three-dimensional relief. So after assembled, reworked logo will not only greatly increase the cost, in addition can also damage the original case of polishing, thread, more harm than good.

More important point is, it will add texture waterproof rubber ring on the table, waterproof casing waterproof table. Rubber shrinkage occurs, expansion, extrusion receive deformed. So even guarantee a perfect match threaded rubber ring is absolutely impossible to guarantee a perfect match, put the crown on the table naturally not guarantee been facing up.

For a perfect hide it impossible demands costly low rate of return on any production-scale enterprises it is impossible to accomplish.

When buying Levis Li Weisi jeans, possibly after the buy side pocket flag is “R” version of the subject, instead of the usual “Levis” word. Here the reason for causing “R” standard, it is because in the production effect can be counted, it said that every 1000 there is such a pair of jeans.

Rolex crown to crown the positive and R Levis jeans label Li Weisi’s, like, in fact, are special industrial product production. Because different, that was regarded as a fetish of some friends obsessed table.

So, the Rolex crown of the head of the more positive the more valuable it?

Certainly not in! Crown being, of course, is a good thing, after all, look better. But the crown is not correct, it does not mean that the watch is bad lot. And, as a product of industrialization, the crown positive Rolex will be produced at the factory every day, although with a certain scarcity, but does not have can not be copied.

The key point is that, once the crown positive Rolex is widely considered to be “premium”, the consumer must add money. So hundred percent late someone will be modified, and this modification will reduce the scarcity of positive Rolex crown, the latter will become an ordinary price.

So, like the crown positive there is no problem, there are tables Friends of obsessive-compulsive disorder a little add a little money to buy no problem, but spend a lot of time, money and energy to carry out top-faith pursuit of being the crown, we must think twice ah!

The same can be extended to “60 seconds at the time, the minute hand must be hundred percent aligned with the mark”, ‘0:00 every day, the calendar must switch on time, the difference between a few minutes will not work,’ “mechanical watches can not have more than three seconds per day error”. If there is such a request, I beg you, do not buy or mechanical watches, the brand and sales miss it! ! !

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